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Come Out Fighting – download here!

On Wednesday, April 26th, we launched our new zine Come Out Fighting at Pantibar in Dublin. The zine was created by Butcher Queers and Masc. for ACT UP Dublin and features work from writers, activists, photographers and artists.

It was a fun evening, fantastic for everyone involved in creating the zine to get a chance to meet each other in person. We gave away dozens of copies and had a lot of lively conversations about the zine and what ACT UP is doing.

We think there’s something special about holding an actual paper copy of a zine in your hands, but we also want to make sure people who weren’t able to get a copy have a chance to read the zine. So we’ve put the whole thing online. Click here to view or download a copy.

If you’d like to contribute to our next issue, please get in touch! You can reach us through our Facebook page, or directly by email at act.up.dublin@gmail.com.